Become an influencer in the lifestyle and health food sector.

Your second financial source with an option for a full-time business.

Why you'll love it!

No risk, no obligation, no cost.

Start as a sideline.

As a student, trainee or employee, you have the opportunity with us to build up a second financial source on the side.


You have no obligations and can start and stop when you want.  There are no coaching costs for you.

Fair remuneration

Through the performance and commission-based remuneration, you can achieve high sales potential with effective performance.

About Stephan Kohl

Speaker, Managing Director, Dad, Husband

Stephan Kohl (42), born and raised in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg and returned to his home town 5 years ago after a few years at Lake Constance. Today he lives on the edge of the Hardtwald forest with his wife Daniela and his daughter Emilia.


After more than 10 years of self-employment in the IT industry, in which he has already built up two companies in the software and consulting sector with six-figure annual sales, he has written the next success story in the healthy food and lifestyle sector. In the last 3 years, he and his team of over 700 license partners have already been able to generate over 5 million Euros in sales with a simple and multipliable influencer concept. He and his team were happy to receive commission payments of over 2 million Euro


On stages of all sizes he inspires others to follow the same path. He supports especially young people in writing their own success story and helps them to find a risk-free entry into the social media business with his proven success concept.

Your familiarization process

This is how you learn to work through social media.



We analyse your time capacities and create based on this a work concept suitable for everyday use, with which you will achieve your desired goal.



You get your personal access to the online course by learning step by step how to work online and with the help of social media.



with Stephan Kohl

During the first 8 weeks, Stephan and his team will be at your disposal with intensive support to help you achieve your first successes. At any time reachable via phone, video or WhatsApp.



The weekly coaching sessions from our team via video calls will improve your work processes, effectiveness and productivity.



Once a week there is a motivation interview where we compare your current status with your goals.

Why others love the job.

"Satisfaction and fun in a team"



Very little time for friends, family and yourself.


To gain more time for friends, family and oneself with less effort.


Start part-time and work full-time on a long-term basis to have more time.


Vanessa, 27

Main Job



Not enough time & money. Potential in the job not fully exploited.


Time independence, second financial income and potential exhausted.


Start next to his job as machinist until it became his main job.


Nico, 30

Main Job



Didn't have fun on the job and just looked forward to the weekend.


More fun and variety in job and life.


Daily to the main job as an office administrator to build up her business until she was a full-time influencer.


Sarah, 23

Main Job

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People we 

are looking for:

To make you one of our five monthly influencers you should be able

to implement these requirements without any problems.

Daily 1-2h investment

For the next 8 weeks, have time to work one to two hours a day on your new job as a Micro Influencer.


You must be willing to implement our proven and tested system 1 to 1 to achieve the best results.

Ready for change

We are looking for people who think long-term and want changes in their lives. You must also be willing to do something for this positive change.

Your advantages

Influencers are becoming more and more popular in the era of social media. Many companies are gradually turning to this marketing method, offering people an easy job, comfortably from home.

Additional income

The possibility of an additional income with an option for a full-time business

Home Office

Work from the comfort of your own home and only with your smartphone.


Get to know your Buddy 

in our network and 

work together with him.


Learn, work and communicate with over 100 partners from the team.

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